Hello, I raise my last personal work, the Gladiator, hope that you like. Now I am going to do a Zombie, when it he finishes it also I will raise it. A greeting.

Wire, Zbrush and Photoshop

Nice Model, especially very good texturing work!
But imho the upper arm seems to be a bit too long or the muscles are too thin at the ellbow.
Another point is, that the bump in the face is maybe a little bit too high.

But all in all very good, impressive work an good facial expression !!!
far better, than I could :wink:

Hi Ivanperezayala,

Thats some great work :+1: , thanks for posting the maps you created can I ask what renderer you used?


Jdraks thanks, I have used VRay. A greeting to all

Awesome job! definate video game material.

…of the bullfighter! :wink: