Top Row Highlights

Is it time for another row? It seems like lately there has been a LOT of really good work that has been overlooked, and based on what’s up there I’m starting to think it’s because pixologic doesn’t want their featured articles to be bumped off…

four of the six slots available are taken up by announcements at the moment… meanwhile there are several extremely creative pieces that have been overlooked… Why do announcements even take up these valuable spaces? They’re already stickies in the forums…

what gives?

PS: I have never posted any work on this forum, so this isn’t about me :cool:
I just feel bad for the guys who have obviously put a lot of time into their stuff and are not getting any recognition.

If we are voting you have my proxy.
Image submitted the other day of a young lady that
was sensational but overlooked and allowed to slide into the digital trash.

Thought it was because of the holiday and was overlooked.

I sometimes believe that perhaps “the judges” do not believe work of this quality was even created in zbrush.

Understand if that is so, but at least explain the rules.

Interview with Ryan Kingslien thumbnail is so old that nobody
knows he is now the nominee for Secretary of Commerce.

I’m beginning to think that they don’t want it to overshadow the contest at the moment. The top row is developing mold. Probably wrong though, they may be putting all effort into the 3.5 release. If we could just get those darn Mac users to see the light we would be at 4.5 :rolleyes: (runs to hide)

The top row isn’t just about great artwork. That shows up here so often that the top row would be turned into a revolving door if we featured everything that looks great. As the number of impressive artworks have increased, we’ve also had to tighten the things that we look at for what makes an image feature-worthy.

There have actually been a number of works that we’ve been watching and have considered featuring. Unfortunately, while the results were excellent there has been little to no information about how ZBrush was used in the creation of the images. Since this is a ZBrush forum, we feel that the top row should feature those images that clearly show strong use of ZBrush.

To that end we’ve actually contacted several artists who’s work we’re considering and have asked them to add more info to their threads about how they used ZBrush.

Of course this also means that if you are an artist about to post something that you think is feature-worthy it would be great to also include screenshots and details about how ZBrush was used to create that image. If we’re considering two great images and one shows lots of ZBrush screenshots while the other just shows a finished image, guess which one will be featured? :wink:

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That makes sense, thanks for the clarification.

In the meantime I should recommend this masterpiece as it was done 100% in zbrush! http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=66010


Fair enough!!!

(what is Aurick doing down here?..lost?)

um okay nearly everything on this site is sculpted in zbrush, so why then if we follow aurick’s statement about showing how its done using zbrush etc is the newest toprow piece only sculpted in z?
“Rendered in Max and Mental Ray, retopologized with Topogun. Textures done in Photoshop.”

so much for using zbrush for retolpology, or base mesh, or textures, or even some rendering.
personally i don’t care about the top row stuff i’m just using this as an example of what some people might mean.

I think the alphabet monsters thread should be in the top row. It is obviously good use of zbrush, plus they have a good style and final polish. I think doing something different should be rewarded.

I have to say the top row baffles me sometimes. Not that most of them shouldn’t be there, just that there’s some amazing zbrush work that is ignored.

On the issue of using other apps for the final image - I don’t see anything wrong with that, you’ll find most professional artists use multiple apps to get a result, it’s the only way really as all apps have strengths and weak points.

“On the issue of using other apps for the final image - I don’t see anything wrong with that, you’ll find most professional artists use multiple apps to get a result, it’s the only way really as all apps have strengths and weak points.”

i mostly agree with this, however, by using all those apps instead of zbrush for nearly all of it, its actually saying how weak zbrush is in those areas, how is that helpful? how is that showing the benefits of the program? and yes z has some weak points, but to highlight them in the toprow is just weird.

Maybe there could be another row where members could vote for their favourite works. Pixologic could still have their row for what they want to highlight and we coud have ours. Just a thought.

I would love to see some sort of RECOMEND THIS FOR TOP ROW button on posts.

Seems that allot of threads that get highlighted are those that get 4 or 5 (mostly 5 I guess) stars.

Sometimes I notice threads that got 2 or 3 or even 1 star that had average work at the start, but top row quality posts later on.

Now I know that logistically this would mean someone at Pixologic having to sift through hundreds of recommendations a week, but if a post had already been recommended then there could be a “recommended for top row” instead of the link I mentioned earlier.

Then a couple of volunteers could get these recommendations and forward the ones to Pixologic that actually should be recommended and not just someone accidentally pressing the “recommend this” link.

I have noticed since v3 came out that less and less attention has been given to alot of good threads, and this I think is because more post are made, which push down peoples work within a min or two. There is only 4 icons that show current images posted, and once 4 more post are made you stand very little chance of even getting a reply let alone top row.

There has been more and more pro work being shown over time, and this to some degree has raised the bar, and created a division between quality of works.

I feel that we have all become desensitized to anything below fantastic, which is seen in rare tallent.

These days I just post somethink because I have finished it, or thought why not, im doing the art for joy of it. The bigger Zbrush gets, the bigger the form gets. Newbies unfortutaly wont get the same attention that was given when ZB 1.5/ v2 was out.

Yeah our forum getting really big, would be cool to have an option “show more” and it will show all the thumbs posted in the whole day, or even a week, i dont think remembering few additional url lines will kill the servers or require much additional coding ;]


I think it would be great if Zbrush Central had the bottom row scrollable, so that we could well, “scroll” along and see many thumbnails. Didn’t they have this many years ago? I don’t like the way it is presented now, as have been said before, with only 8 thumbnails on bottom row your image gets shoved off as soon as there’s a new submission and can easily get overlooked. Just a thought. :wink:

to me it’s always seems in most forums i’ve been on, that two types of work get more replies. work that is very good or work that is relatively poor(people just starting), where alot of people posting work in the middle get overlooked. being that the amazing work gets alot of replies of some sort of praise, where the poor work gets more critiques since it’s easier to point out what is not working. the others get lost between people who don’t think the work is good and don’t know what to critique. at least that’s my theory.