Tools seem to have Opacity set to 50%

Hello everyone.
I am having a issue with my Ztools looking like the opacity is set to 75%. Which is making the materials look darker than usual. I am assuming the material are looking darker because there being influenced by the background color? I tested this theory by filling the background layer with white and noticed that the tools materials are looking like they should

. I also tested what everyone suggested online, like; check “switchColor” both are at default colors toggled between both and its not the issue, clear mask, masking not the issue, create and new texture, and texture is not the issue. It all started when I imported a image to be used has a “image Plane” through “Draw / Front-back” then I proceeded to fill different materials for different tools. And that’s when I noticed something was off. I have also set zbrush back to default in hopes it would revert back to normal “int Zbrush” it did not work. I have exported the tools into a new scene and same issue. I also opened up older Zbrush projects to see if the project is some how corrupt but older files have the same issue. The material are looking darker/ translucent. Thank you everyone for your time. Your doing Gods work.

When I click the BRP render button the image rendered turns into a black silhouette. If that help ;D

I installed the new version of Zbrush 2021.6.6 and it opened up the project automatically and the same issue were the background is gray and not with the gradient. I just read a article about similar issue but not the same.

Ok, I deleted all older versions of Zbrush and installed a fresh fresh install and this cured the issue. Case closed.