Tony Stark

Hi ZBC! I like to show you my first complete 3d character. It was a great challenge for me to try to represent realistically Downey Jr. He is a great actor and i’m obviously looking forward Iron Man 3.

Hope you like it!







very well done man. Really capture the look of Tony. I’m really surprised no one commented this work yet. :+1:

This is fantastic! your first model!!!??? Great start friend!

First one? No way! It’s awesome looking!:+1:

I think he ment first complete character with textures lightning rendering comp etc. or maybee i’m wrong :slight_smile: Great work man. I would soften his skin a bit more in certain areas but still its a really solid image. Love the final comp with the HUD

This is amazing work, very nice.

Great modelling & ability in capturing his overall character.

A real sense of life, due to the eyes having care & attention.

I have to agree that the skin has a slight feeling of being synthetic, but that is all.

Amazing work.

Can you tell us the process of how you came to the final render?
Did you start in Zbrush? or did you use another 3d app?
Is it rendered in another app?

The image is awesome, very well executed.

I think the skin color and specular levels need some more variation, his eyes may be a little too round as well

Excellent sculpting! From the side the likeness to RDJ is spot on. From the front his face almost looks a little too round. It’s really hard to say with all those holographic images over his face. I agree about the skin comments. He still looks great, though!

great work, you capture robert downey in all part, great!

hope we can see some clay from zbrush :slight_smile: good work man :slight_smile:

well done!! thanks for share

Thanks for comment guys!

InkySpot: Well, there is no big secret. I started with a simple sphere for the head and a Zphere for the torso. The entire character was modeled in Zbrush and I used 3dsmax and vray for render. Textures was hand painted.