Tony Maclane Works

Hi Guys,
my full name is Anthony Magdelaine, also known as Blackant or Blackant Master, owner of Blackant Master Studio.

here are some works i made or doing using ZBrush. 3Dsmax, 3Dcoat for unwrapping and texturing

i hope you’ll enjoy my works.

This Small vehicles are created by the Grainies Themself. If you don’t know them google is your friend :slight_smile: .
The main goal here is to get vehicles for a racing game letting you drive boats, cars, or planes.

This one is a WIP of Ladybug with a saddle for Grainies.
Coccinelle sol.jpgCoccinelle Vole.jpg

more will come later


Coccinelle sol.jpg

Coccinelle Vole.jpg