TomatoVFX SketchBook

Thank you very much! I tried everyone of the links on that page and everyone of them was a download link to that a different download manager. There were one or two out right advertisements for other products. Maybe it acts this way on other providers, who knows. Got the file now and again thanks for your efforts!

you’re very welcome guys glad to hear that’s worked

Beautiful work TomatoVFX and thanks for your comment on my page. Do you mind if I ask how you did the swirling light effect?

Thanks again,

Bob Sparks

Got it! Thanks for the brushes! :+1:

Thanks guys ! about the swirling lights i used smoke paint brushes in photoshop with outerglow and wrapping it

Alien zbrush sculpt and rendered in Maya with Arnold renderer .
ZBrush Document.jpg

great translucency , I use it a lot in my work, but I haven’t used Arnold yet, presumably that’s the “deep scatter” etc maps are for, any chance I could see the shader network? thanks ! :smiley:

Thanks man ! here you go i hope it’s useful


ah ha…! thanks dude… its a sss material…looks like a good shader to get some nice translucency :smiley:

Vampire essence
artistic piece was made in ZBrush and 3Ds max and PS for compositing . Inspired by Castlevania lords of shadow 2

hey wassup man?really cool work.love the compositing.thanks for sharing.:wink:

I would love to download the materials and brushes but the download links point to sites requiring you to download a video player and other programs on blacklisted sites.

New work , Krauger

That’s a Drop box link for the brushes


Dragon head study


Racon force

ZBrush Document.jpg

concept game character .

My Objective was sculpting or forming killer croc’s torso ( the upper part ) , just made him a lot bigger with massive muscles also a brutal looking .
ZBrush | BPR render


Hey man wassup? Killer croc looks really nice.also like the krauger.your compositing works are amazing.:wink:

Thanks diablo long time man , how are you ? you have made nice progress man with your projects . thanks man !