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Thanks Cedcrx I’m still working on it , anyway that’s M21 sculpt in ZBrush

Thanks Raheel

Hey guys , i’ve just developed 7 Matcaps for ZBrush it took about 4 days to complete them and used the most fantasy art looking to paint them.
They’re totally ! FREE and you have my permission to use in any work enjoy sculpting and don’t forget to hit the DOWNLOAD LINK :+1:


THX :+1:

welcome don’t forget to share

Order is a concept ZBrush sketch trying to reach a sample for game art. Used ZBrush and BPR render


Post prcoess

Concept game character art i’ve been working on 2 days in ZBrush . The main character called Siletha and she is a Dragon slayer

Hello guys ,

New Cloth draping brushes specially for artists who want boost things up and save their time in the sculpting process . 2000 px resolution for every brush. It contains 10 Brushes anyway hope you like it and don’t forget to hit the download link. Happy ZBrushing


It’s wonderful of you to share. Thanks.

Ya, thanks for offering, but there’s no way to get the file without downloaded a bunch of junk you don’t want.:cry:

Thanks for sharing ! I had no problem with downloading :slight_smile:

Thanks for the brushes

Welcome guys ! glad you liked them

3D Work in ZBrush inspired by
Katie Harris https://www.behance.net/newkie92

ZBrush | BPR render

Nour - ZB.jpg

I had the same problem as rsharrad. I can’t just download the brushes. It wants me to download some kind of player. :cry:

I keep trying but all of the download links at the link you have given, only lead to a merchant that wants you to download their download manager or something else and not the file containing your brushes. Can you provide a direct link?

i cant download the file from the Multidownload. is much more easy just to share your dropbox link actually.
its very nice of you to share it but i really don’t understand the idea behind to use those sites when you have Mega.co.nz or dropbox. just share the link

I can’t download this either. Your file looks interesting though. I hope you can find another way to distribute it.


Sorry guys wasn’t at home.I’ve uploaded it to dropbox just now and btw guys i just uploaded to multiupload because it contains 12 servers for downloading and infact i just tried them again and again right now and downloaded with no problem .

If any one have an idea for making new brush set from drawings , sculpting don’t be shy to tell me . we want to help each other to save our time .

Anyway if there’s another problem in the download link you can tell me here or send me a private message with your email and attach to you the files .

I guess you gotta know where to click on those pages. Never work for me. The new way you sent though is perfect. Thank you. I look forward to exploring your brushes!