Tom Hardy Likeness


Game-Ready, Tom Hardy Likeness for an upcoming (nearly finished) fully fledged character.

Heavily inspired by his James Delaney look on Taboo (as I feel it suits what’s coming quite well). I did change the beard according to other references (PureRef) and what I feel looks best.

It was a great exercise to understand that It’s a hard thing to make a likeness but it’s an even harder one to average 100 different images to get to a neutral expression that can be rigged and animated.

Sculpted in Zbrush from scratch, textured and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4. Ornatrix to generate the hair for the cards, manual placement in Maya with the help of the amazing GSCurve Tool.

Hair is 106k tris, beard is 10k tris and eyebrows 3,8k tris. Optimized and game-ready.
There’s also a bit of fan art for shits and giggles at the end of the post…so stick around!

A thank you, to my brother Georgian for his patience, support and guidance. His Patreon mentorship: Georgian Avasilcutei is creating game ready characters and props | Patreon




good job Raul!

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Only 5 more to go

It’s looking awesome!

Looking really good @ARTavares - Keep rocking :metal:

Gonna be a great movie. I’ll see it 14 times in theatres even if they are all closed I don’t care.

Fantastic sculpt. Loved the GOT war easter egg, looks :fire: