Tom Hardy - Game Ready


Game-Ready, Tom Hardy character, portraying a Viking of my own design - which is always how I see him (that or as Bane!) smiley Heavily inspired by his James Delaney look on Taboo as well as everything Viking related (God of War, Vikings Tv Series, etc).

  • Everything sculpted in Zbrush from scratch;
  • Maya for additional polymodeling (some armor parts, belts, etc);
  • Marvelous for clothing (including straps) - with additional sculpting;
  • Retopo using Topogun 3;
  • UVs with Ryzom UV;
  • Ornatrix for 3dsMax to generate the fur/hair for the fur/hair cards.
  • Cards placement in Maya with the amazing GSCurve Tool.
  • Fully baked and textured in Marmoset Toolbag 4 (additional use of substance on some other parts because marmoset doesn’t support udims);
  • Rigged and posed inside Maya
  • Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4.
    12 Texture sets in total
  • Head; Torso; UpBody; MidBody; LowBody; Accessories; Main Weapon; Hair (including chest hair); Hair Cap; Fur; Eyes and Mouth
    Total tris count is close to 200k. Optimized and game-ready.
    I’ll be making a separate post on UE5 since that was whole different battle in and of itself!
    Thank you for watching!!!

Great work! That armor is spectacular down to every detail.