Toilet Tank Space Ships

In retirement, I work part time at a Home Depot in the plumbing department. I did not know anything about plumbing three years ago, but now, I am a real plumbing geek. (I know this because I watch obscure plumbing subject videos and write amusing instructional advice on important things to know about toilets, or water heaters, or even if hammer arresters can ever make bail.) So. To the point: I noticed the aliens have already arrived on planet Earth and are disguising their space ships as flush valve flappers! People come in daily to replace flush valve flappers and I am happy to “take the old one and toss it in the trash” for them and then take it home. (The toilet tank is perfectly sanitary, it’s the bowl that you have to watch out for.)
The first two or three photos are of the toilet flappers turned into space ships and then I created a version of one of them in zBrush. After you have examined these photos and zBrush models, go check your own toilet tank to see if aliens have landed there.

flapper%20space%20ship%20front%20view%20light%20bg flapper%20space%20ship%20rear%20view%2001 flapper%20space%20ship%20top%20view%2001 flapper%20space%20ship%20bottom%20view%2001


Truly toilets and a breath of fresh have found harmonious synthesis in your explorations :grinning:

Thank zou, Booyz )damn! mz kezboard has defaulted back to German=!
I will be 69 this March and at the same time will have been a free lance sculptor for 39 years. A free lancer has to be able to play in a variety of ball parks to get enough paying commissions to stay ahead of mortgage bankers, county sheriffs and sundry bill collectors. Shortly after dinosaurs died out, I graduated from welding school (the sum of my higher education) . Welding is not the sort of thing your wife is going to let you do in the guest bedroom; the welding equipment is expensive, electric power , hand tools, etc require renting a commercial space which brings its own additional expenses-insurance, inspections, accountants, unemployment insurance (like I am going to lay myself off!) etc, etc. Given all that, there was no money left over to buy much good quality steel, so I learned to make stuff out of free stuff or cheap stuff. I never got out of the habit, even when I had worked up to selling to 100 galleries across the US and an 8,000 sq ft (800 sq meter) studio.

When it comes to stuff, nothing’s sweeter than free or cheap.