To find a script

Be happy in a New Year, dear all!

I forgot the script wherein one can manipulate hidden parts of mesh easily,
separately delivering them back on the canvas, in contrast with the default Zbrush2, when those parts come back all at once.
One could also delete some hidden mesh areas leaving other unseen areas for use.
Which script (plugin) permits these possibilities?



what you are describing doesn’t compute for me at the moment but my world’s best link below has all but 2 of the latest that have been posted here…with explainations for them so maybe one will jog your memory.

if not…maybe you were one of the priveleged 3 or 4 folks who got to test drive the much hyped and never seen chris reed pu?

excuse any mem blocks…a glass of wine and an extremely full belly make this old nut…nuttier.

Maybe you’re talking about Aurick’s plugin called >>> Select It? <<<


Just saw this post… Yep, that’s it. Works like a charm!

Yes, thanks friends,
that’s the very thing.

Great thanks to our Aurick.
I liked the plugin so much.

Can the hidden parts be programmed into display somewhere on the canvas in a way of either icons or number of the next hidden selection?

Alpha selections don’t seem to show properly the kept cuts, when in need to replace them on the canvas in the planned sequence.

I would love to see the cut fields of mesh clearly.

Also, I would enjoy so much some illustration script to test the principle features of the SELECT-IT.

Thanks again,