TMNT sculpt

Hi everyone. First post here. I want to post my glam shots and progress of my TMNT sculpt WIP inspired by a series of paintings by Dave Rapoza. I plan to start designing the body and posting my progress here.

Here is a color BPR with a little photoshoppery magic and a matcap BPR to see the sculpt detail. Enjoy!




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****ING RAD!!! I love daves stuff, and your really captured what he’s done with those concepts… Great work man!!

Awesome work***65281;***65281;***65281;Bring on the whole body and the last 3 turtle!!!:cool:

so cool! great job.

Absolutely suberb work!

I love the mouth in particular, you captured the grin extremely well. Only change I can think of would be to make the shell less shiny, and play around with the rendering a bit in general. The model is perfect though.

IMPRESSIVE! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Great pose and style! I love the weave around the swordgrip and the bandana.

As many others, i’m a huge fan of Dave Rapoza ninja Turtle, and you are doing a great job!
i’m wondering if a 3D render can looks as cool as the original illustration… Pretty hard task…
Keep it up man, congrat! :+1:

Looks great! Nice detailing!

I’ve loved watching Dave crank out all his tribute piece, you definitely did that one justice! Great work dude

very nice render, im a sucker for colours pushed to their max.

a lot of the time i find a non textured model more beautiful then a textured one. Something to do with fine sculpt detail getting lost in textures, but with yours the color/texture rly does it justice.

great model! :smiley:
It reminds me Dave Raposa drawing! Pretty amazing!


Nice style and detail.

Nicely done. Great sculpt, and terrific Photoshoppery to get the color in there. It might be nice to put Dave’s link on the image as well, just like you did with your own. Good work like this spreads fast on the internet and there might come a day where Google Image Search will be serving up your render alongside Dave’s originals and you can guess how that might feel.

Maybe you asked for permission to do this, maybe not. Most of the time illustrators are pretty pleased when someone sculpts up an image, but it’s always polite to ask.

Anyway - excellent work, is it watertight? Can it be printed? Are you going to make a base?

Love the original paintings from Dave Rapoza. Thought about tackeling one of those myself, you’ve captured it for sure!

Damn nice first posting buddy - really great work the render ist fantastic, love his colors
did you paint him with polypaint? hopefully we can see the whole TMNT set from you:):+1:
All the bst and happy sculpting,

  • Kenny:):+1:

awesome model!
Send it to Rapooza man!! He’ll dig it!

clean sculpt and sweet rendering, a nice tribute and great executed!!! thumbs up!

Thanks everyone for the kind words and checking this out!

@ZakkM: ****ING thanks! : )
@Alex Wang: Will post progress of the body soon!
@DustyDeWD: thanks man
@JohnnyDestroy: Yea, thanks. Tbh I neglected the shell since you cant see much of it from that angle… good eye you caught me, ha!
@Sangius: Thanks!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: I might post some detail of the sword grip and bandana if people are interested
@julien3d: I hear you. I don’t think any 3d render will ever be as kickass as the original illustration. I have total respect for 2D and Dave’s skill. But competing with the original isn’t really the intention anyways. I am just attempting to translate his ideas into 3d and make the rest of the body.
@Derek Frenzo: Thanks!
@ferg: Thanks dude. Doing his justice is very important to me. Glad you think so. (also I recognize Molly, congratz top row on cghub!)
@free-willy-PB: Haha. Yea I maxed them colors. vibrance mask ftw
@The Namek: Thanks. I’m pretty fond of untextured sculpts too. Often I find detail gets lost, and that’s unfortunate. Glad you dig both!
@brunocosta: Thanks! Glad the resemblance comes through.
@Anotn_Pepper: Awesome!
@laurie: Thanks
@Wetterschneider: Good call, yea. I contacted Dave before posting this anywhere. I wanted to find out whether he even wanted me to credit him at all, since he may not have wanted to be associated. But he was really supportive and even posted my image on his facebook. I plan to send him my progress on the body and continue to keep him involved.
@GrizzlyJake: Tackle it! I’d love to see more of his work sculpted (I can only do so much : )
@KC-Production: Hey thanks. I did very minimal polypainting. Some slight skin and bandana color variation yes, but mostly filled the subtools with a single color. Texturing and color was not really my focus yet.
@marianosteiner: I did! He did dig! : )
@mutte696: thanks thanks!