TMNT - Ready to Rumble

Another render of the TMNT posed
now getting them ready for printing!


These are great! Hope you’ll share the final printed product!

My first thought when I saw this was, these should be vinyl toys, then I read your comment “now getting them ready for printing!” … yes! do it!!
Great work btw! :turtle: :turtle: :turtle: :turtle:

Thank you!
I will, they will be a fun print for sure!

Thank you!
Vinyl toys of them would be awesome!
I will settle with resin prototype for now, will keep you posted!


Hi guys a quick post for the test print on these guys. All four of them are printed and will put final set photos soon! :slight_smile:

107731137_10107954013420309_3845129242978837731_n 109770117_10107954013535079_400918120925694517_n

All four of them together hanging out with Spidey and the GOAT

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