Timeline for strokes?

Hello folks !

I wanted to ask whether there was a way to record a sculpting session and decide on the interpolating cameras and cool stuff later on.
Apparently, so far we got two options.

  • Record a session with the user camera, which is kind of just recording your own screen as you work.
  • Record around your model with camera keyframing using the Timeline.

I was wondering : Is there a way to get both things at the same time? Like recording a sculpting session in the memory, with the strokes etc. then choose how the camera will flow around it. It would be cool if the sculpting session was stored in the timeline.

So far I wasn’t able to find anything near it. It’d be cool to see a Zbrush model being done without this horrible user camera that just screws up the whole video thing and make it really unaesthetic.

Do you know if there is a way to do this? Is there any Zscript that would help?

Thank you !

No, I’m afraid it’s not possible, and it wouldn’t be possible to script such a thing either. :frowning:

Ah, too bad. I had great videos in mind ^^

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Well… turns out I did find a way to go about it. It would be a very heavy and tedious pipeline but it is actually possible. Here :


It’s essentially using the timeline with frames on both camera and Layers. Each stroke is assigned to a layer and I make sure the opacity values change really fast by putting the Layers’ keyframes very close to each others. Like I said, it would be very heavy and tedious to do it on an actual model. Making videos using traditional Zbrush recordings and this kind of recording would also include a lot of planning ahead. (Decide soon how the camera will move, what you want to show etc.)

I’m still assuming creating layers automaticly as you stroke would be possible through a script or a macro, am I right?

Well, with the [Sleep] command you can watch for actions and then execute code but there are drawbacks (for example using another plugin will mean the functionality is lost). Added to which you would very quickly have a lot of layers. There’s no way to script the Timeline so I think things would get unmanageable pretty fast.