A personification of time.


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niice :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I like it…cool…:D:lol:

Very nice !!!

you have my vote! :smiley:

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the kind words!

Incredible work! The watch faces are beautifully done.

Woah. That’s… really interesting actually;D
I’d love to see some render break downs.

SKYWAYS128 - Thank you!

Sam Leheny - Thanks! The render is pretty straightforward, the only thing that I did that was a little different were the clocks. I couldn’t get the uvs to work in Keyshot, so I rendered the glass separately and put the clock face texture on in Photoshop. Next I composited the glass on top of it. Then I added some textures and painted over the render a bit. I also used the “Field Blur” in Photoshop to simulate depth of field.

wow, great job!

very cool …congratulations

Beautiful madness)) Awesome

Thank you all. I really appreciate it!

Really great

Wow, that’s amazing. I’d love to see how you made that. It looks really gruesome. :smiley: My mind boggles at how you did those little trickles of blood. :o Fantastic. :smiley:

Outstanding work! Just like I see the time… :smiley:

Thanks blckgold!

Black-Tooth, thank you! The little trickles of blood were painted on top of the render in Photoshop… nothing fancy.

Thank you Exordine. Yeah, time is truly relentless… I try to keep in mind that this guy is always in pursuit, trying to keep me from accomplishing my goals.

Fantastic image! Remind me a little of the wonderful art of Chet Zar

This is my new smartphone wallparer :slight_smile:

Keep feeding us with your works, they re all great !