Time wraps animation in Auto

In this course, we will get up to speed quickly in ZBrush by getting a comprehensive overview of the available tools and techniques.

Level: Beginner
Project File: Yes
Duration: 2h 11m
Number of File: 20




This course include:

  1. Introduction and Project Ov erview
  2. Pixols and the 2.5D Canvas
  3. Getting Around the Interface
  4. Painting with 2.5D Brushes
  5. Working with Tools
  6. Importing Geometry into ZBrush
  7. Subdividing Your Geometry
  8. Getting Started with Sculpting
  9. Sculpting Brush Types and Settings
  10. Using Strokes and Alphas
  11. Masking and Hiding Geometry
  12. Working with Materials
  13. Polypainting in ZBrush
  14. Rendering Images and Movies
  15. Working with SubTools
  16. Using 3D Layers
  17. Posing Characters Using Transpose
  18. Using ZSpheres to Create Base Geometry
  19. Creating Normal and Displacement Maps
  20. Extending ZBrush with Plug-in

Get Free Course here: https://cgistore.xyz/tutorial/g