Time-Lapse of Shane Glines Design to 3D Model by Shane Olson

Trying out a new technique here. Thanks for watching!




Shane, love your latest characters’ style. I feel that there needs to be more old school characters where the emphasis is on character and personality.

I just signed up for your newsletter and purchased your “Creating a Simple Cartoon Character” tute on Gumroad - wished I had done so before. A lot of nice concise tips delivered in a polite manner while avoiding getting too deep into EVERY capability for EVERY function in ZB.

Looking forward to more tutes and tips.

Keep up the great work! :+1:

way cool, Shane! Love your work :smiley:
thanks for sharing

LOVE your puppet technique… I so hope you offer this technique in a future tutorial. Yes, symmetrical would help those of us still learning. Your frog tutorial started my ZBrush year off and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

Interesting use of the maquette/mannequin technique. I’ve used it for posing before, but never as a prototype for form. That’s a great idea.

Thanks for your kind words everyone!

@nimajneb; Thanks! Yes, I wanted to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised by the result and how easy it was to pose. I may make the Mannequin available sometime in the future.

@LynneMitchell; Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile: I’m working on a large training course at the moment. So keep an eye out for that.

@Funky Bunnies; Thanks so much! It means a lot coming from you! I love your stuff as well! In fact, your work inspired this creation :slight_smile: I love this community, and how we all inspire each other. Can’t wait to see more from you.

@SoDakZBrusher; Thanks so much for your support! I agree there needs to be more characters like you describe. Zbrush is capable of creating so much more!


Thanks a lot for the tutorial Shane. Also signed up for the newsletter which contains some nice treats !

The mannequin approach seems really effective !

Nice worflow.
Very intersting way to pose ans sculpt. Did you use zphere mannequin way to create your mannequin ?

@Ouran: Thanks for signing up. I like the Mannequin approach. I need to try it again.

@ Cyril: Thanks! I’m not a big fan of Zspheres because I like my geometry segmented into separate pieces. I made the Mannequin out of simple polyspheres. Maybe I should make a video showing how I built it.

It would be great if you could make a mannequin construction tutorial.:+1:

I’ve seen several tutorials on how to use ZBrush mannequins, don’t remember a single one showing how to make one. :stuck_out_tongue:

looking good Mr shaneo!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:D:+1:

Thanks Jase!

@SoDakZBrusher Thanks! I’ll definitely keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Also, thank you Pixologic for highlighting this on your Facebook page! Made my day :smiley:

Nicely done Shane! So many artists inspired by Glines’ work. I think you did his drawing justice.

Very nice sculpt and time-lapse video! Thanks for the share!

Astonishing! The initial sketch concept was phenomenal. I wish I could draw like you. And 3D implementation was so professional! I love this project!

@Sasquatchpoacher - Thanks so much Greg! That means to world coming from you! Yeah, I want to model more of Shane Glines’ stuff. It’s so inspiring.

@ NickZ - Thanks Nick!

@ Paul Marx - Thanks Paul! The drawings are done by Shane Glines. I wish I could draw that good too! Thanks for the kind words! :smiley:

Aaaaaaah so lovely <3, thanks for sharing man!

Most enjoyable thank you for sharing.

I like it, thanks for sharing. I normally do not watch “cartoonish” stuff at all because it is just not my taste, so yea great work.

I loved this tutorial. Thank you so much.
The maquette in separate pieces seems such a great way to start a character. In particular,I really love how you created the stylized hair -with the geometric form being used to represent the curling hair.
Really helpful and inspiring!!