Tiger. My new concept creature design.

Concept Model and Shading


CG Shots (Rendering in Blender)

The little sketch that started it all.

Organic sculpture for my new character. I’m still inspired by the warframe universe. I am also attracted to the culture of Ancient China. In this project, I combine organic sculpture with the motifs of traditional Asian sculptures. The color and material are also not chosen by chance. A life fire burns under a massive metal body. This fire can warm or destroy everything around - the choice is up to the person.
Tiger is a symbol of this year, but only a person decides what exactly this spirit will bring him.

Welcom to my Artstation


I really love this design! Great renders too!

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nice details !

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Beautiful design and surface detail :+1:

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looks cybernetic and organic at the same time :slight_smile: cool

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nice job

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Excellent! I love the concept and the result is stunning. :+1:

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Beautiful design! Loving the colorful renders too! :tiger2:

excellent creation, beautifully realized

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