Tiburone's Work

Hi there !Here are quick renders done in Zbrush of my revisited Hulk of the Planet hulk.Hope you guys enjoy,Happy new year of Zbrushing !


Hulk of Planet Hulk.jpg

Hulk of planet hulk back.jpg

Awesome Hulk! Really great job and realism. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
I realy love it but i´m not sure about feet and head proportions.

Thank you ! Really glad you like it :slight_smile:
Even if I think the proportions depends of anyone’s outlook, according to the fact that Hulk is different in each draw or universe (comics drawing, 3D animation etc.), maybe i can give a bit tweak with it. i’ll give a try and repost soon.

Thanks to keep me improving my work !

He came out really well! Nice, solid modeling. :+1:

Thank you !

And Here’s a new render.

The breechcloth in the front looks a bit stiff… That said its really good overall!

Yes, it’s a bit hung. That’s something i will change if i give it an another pose.

Great work! Was it all made in Zbrush? Or did you make some parts in Maya or Max?

Hopefully I can make high quality sculpts like this one day.

simply awesomee, such fantastic work

Thank you so much guys !

yes, everything was done in Zbrush, using topology with Zsphere rig to create every parts of the armor

This work is still in progress and i’m about to finish it soon. I count on you to help me achieve this. Thanks to all :slight_smile:

Sculpted this, a facial expression study after i watched a film that inspired me.

The Shout copie.jpg

really nice expressions.great work man.:+1:small_orange_diamond:D

Thank you !

here’s a sculpt i’m working on. Hope you guys will help me doing this with your advises and critics. I really need feedback for that work. Thanks to all.

looking good so far!
i think your arms could be a little bit longer and the thighs are too thick
keep going :slight_smile:

Fynn : Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello, started this in a new thread but in fact i’d rather post it there. I’ve worked a lot to improve my human body understanding, then i put it in this sculpt as a personal challenge, and yeah this man obviously does lift ! :lol: Still so much to discover, anatomy knowledge is a long road to travel. Hope i’ll see the end of it one day.
I’ll put some other pics soon, that being said, Feel free to comment. Happy Zbrushing !