Threw this together

Finally back to my computer after two sessions in hospital, both unrelated (the last one 8 months worth… ahh the drugs). So to celebrate I did this mess…


To SirQ and all the others I can’t even find my site.

Glad to see you again EtA :wink:

may the force be with you… young Jedi :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA, Me and Dominik have been really worried! Glad to hear from you again. Check your Private Message Box for some info.

Good to see your signature again Ed, Welcome back with a Bang - nice image!


Yeah! ed_the_atom is back! Great image. :wink:

Welcome back!!
Glad to see a familiar name.
How did you know what I looked like with hangover?

Pilou :slight_smile:

Welcome and all the luck of the world to you…:sunglasses: :+1: