Three portraits. Attempt.

One base mesh - three portraits.
About three days for each head. The base mesh 988 tris, render- XSI.
I’ll be glad, if these portraits remind you some real dudes. :slight_smile:

From Left: John Travolta, Nicholas Cage and Jean Reno…

Am I correct? The middle one is toughest to guess for me…

Really nice sculpting there…:smiley:


Oh yeah, 5 stars…

WTF? OMFG! HFSFSWTF? That is OMFG insane. That french guy from Mission Impossible is so dodgy.

Advance to Top Row, do not pass go, do not collect £200!:smiley:

This is awesome! I recognised them straight away, although I couldn’t remember the last guys name, even though I knew who he was!
Five (should be fifty) stars to you Sir!

looks really nice, especially the last one.
the ears look weird though like they’ve been pushed inside the heads.

you did an amazing job on hair and facial hair on each of them.
which technique di you use? decobrush? maaybe custom alphas?

:eek: :eek: :eek: AWESOME DUDE !!!
you really came really close to them , never seen before.
even without texture ! :rolleyes: do you want to make textures too later on ?:rolleyes:

Bravo Bravo Bravo.

great !!
only the jean reno’s portrait has something strange on the eyelids.

btw they are amazing !!

Funny how everyone knows the “french guy” from somewhere…:smiley:

Great work you post, maybe a vid tut sometime?

Congrats, you got them good. :+1:

Looks great!!!

Daemon, а текстурить будешь?

Awesome Great work :+1:

Wow! 5 stars from me. Amazingly good bumpmap on the skin!

Thanks guys for good words.
You are right.

Here is 80 % decobrush and are a little work with custom alphas

> ahtuks, kostia
I do not plan textures :lol:

Some shots:


amazing!! no words more!!
Alex Oliver

Since you used the same base mesh, it would be funny to see it morph from one head to other.

Keep up the good work.

hey you have excellent talent and a real hint of realism in your character heads and monsters they really push the envelope which is what newgen games need in the entertainment industry you think you could post a zscriptof a head that you can do so we can see your workflow and learn from it would be a big help to the ones that are struggling to learn zbrush and to those trying to sculpt realistic models please if you could do this for me it would be greatly appreciated thank you!!!