Thread and User Gallery

Does this new website has User and Thread Gallery too?
You guys should add it back. It’s easier to browse images within a thread with it and see all the images posted by the artists we follow.

You can click anyone’s user name to bring up their mini-profile. Click their name in that and you can view their full profile. From there you can see all the topics that they’ve created. This will display as a gallery.

For example:

As for “images in a thread” that is more the old ZBC’s way of thinking. With the new system, it is encouraged to simply create a new topic for each new project that you’re working on. This will in turn facilitate exactly the kind of feature you’re looking for.

I find that old way of thinking with the Thread Gallery images still useful.
With the new User Gallery, it’s fine, but, I guess it’s not updated yet? Tried it on one of the artist I’m following, and it only showed one image, but I’m pretty sure he’d posted more than one. Oh well, hopefully this new ZBC site update would make the site a whole lot better. I lost all the messages in my inbox by the way :frowning: Would be nice if I could get it back. I still use it as a reference.

We are working to create a user gallery system for the new ZBC.

Artists that have always posted new threads for each new project already have a nice gallery when someone views their profile. However, artists that have gone the sketchbook route are going to have somewhat thin profiles until we can get the gallery implemented.

The other problem with a sketchbook has to do with the fact that the wall is always going to display the first image in the thread. So if you reply to your sketchbook thread instead of starting a new topic, your new artwork isn’t going to be seen. Instead, the very first image that started the sketchbook will be shown.

All of this is why we recommend doing a new topic for every project going forward. :slight_smile:

There is also another feature that I was shown just now, which gives you the equivalent of the Thread Gallery.

Within a user’s thread, click that user’s name to show the mini-profile. Then click where it says how many posts that user has made in the topic. It will now show only that artist’s posts. In the case of a sketchbook thread that’s been brought over from the old ZBC, most of what you see will be the artwork.


Thanks for working hard improving the site. Gonna check out that thing that is similar to the old ZBC’s Thread Gallery.

I tried clicking the “Number of posts” from the mini profile and it did filter posts and showed only what the user posted (within that thread). I still find the old User Gallery better. I like how the old User Gallery shows you all the images that a user posted (from different threads) in thumbnail format big enough to let you see if you want to view the full size of that image. I also like how you can browse the thumbnails by pages. Anyway, that’s just how this ZBC update feels at the moment, maybe I’ll get used to the new stuffs in time. Still, I wish you guys wouldn’t totally remove the User Gallery and just make it better instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t been too active here In quite a while. Change can be good, however it looks like my old gallery and attachments are about inaccessible.

Any threads that have been inactive for a year or more are at We do plan to get them migrated over to the new system, but it will take time.

Thanks for that news. Was wondering how to move my old thread over.

Yay for an archive site!