This is my first post

Hi this is my first post here i hope you like it!!!

I’m seriously wondering why nobody has replied back to this dude, i think its a great addition to your portfolio

theres a lot of stuff here, and its easy to miss something, because a lot of ppl who are loking on the forum dont post anything ever ;]
anyay, nice firist post ;]

Not a little too symetric? :wink:
Have happy Zbrushing! :cool:

Thanks for comments.

At least someone saw my work here!

No more posts for me in this forum!!!

Hello Yazz,

I thought you had a very interesting image you posted, appeared well done to me. Not entirely sure why you mention this being your last post on this forum? Is it due to lack of responses posted? If so try not to let that bring you down. I’m sure many enjoyed your image though they didn’t respond. I wish I could respond to everything I see but time doesn’t allow it. I understand how it can feel though on my first thread I got some great help at the onset of it but now that I have progressed to nearly finishing the sculpt no one says anything, see http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=39892
rest assured though just because they didn’t post didn’t mean they didn’t appreciate a look at your art. Keep up the good work and stay encouraged to continue showing your art. Art in general is meant to be shown to the masses, I look forward to seeing more!