Things are very big!

As title says, things are very big.

Threads list has an image next to each thread, they are very big, specially threads with default zbrush logo image, sometimes is even bigger than the image next to threads with uploaded images. There is a lot of empty space between threads.

Youtube videos in posts are huge, they take 100% of the forum width.

Images in posts are huge too, they are bigger in the post than when you press on the image. Wide images are cropped on the sides and you have to click on em to fully see em. If you click on “view full size”, navigator (chrome, firefox, etc…) tries to download the image instead open it in another window/tab.


Make images next to threads smaller, even better, if you hover over the thread/image you can see a bigger one on a floating window.

Make youtube videos smaller in posts.

Make images smaller in posts and watch em full screen if you click on em and open em in a new window if you click on “view full size”, instead make the navigator download it.

Extra solution: Blame Kyle.!

I made an Image showing how it would look with smaller images in threads list and removing the second row of images at top.


Just joined the new form. I’m all for negative space and such but this looks like a bomb went off just before I joined :smiley:

Agree with the above half the size or inline avatars and no or tiny placeholders thumbnails would improve the situation a lot.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself. I totally agree. It does have some nice design concepts and it’s nice to see quotes are back but, a lot of wasted space and, navigation and communication seems like a pain. Hitting the back button takes you back to the top of the previous page instead of where you left off and you have to look for the last place you where at again. I hope this will improve. Also, I noticed user post count is no longer visible and I really don’t get the “badges” thing. I’ll get used to it I guess.

We appreciate your feedback. We’ve already taken steps to reduce the amount of space each thread takes up in the more forum-type categories like this. More to come.