ThePriest - Free Mesh-In style brushes

Collection of 6 (Hi-res) Mesh-In style brushes for download. Use as you will.
Works best with polycounts over 1 million. Hold Alt to place/ Drag click Ctrl to Remesh.

Original pack.

6 additional brushes.
2nd pack

8 more (Pack C/D)
3rd pack

Apologies if this is not the correct place to post resources. Please feel free to move.



These are some great looking brushes, Priest! I’m practicing hard surface stuff, because frankly I suck at soft body things. So thank you for sharing, they’ll really come in handy!

You’re welcome. They only took an hour to make.

Rendered a fast (noisy) result w/C4D+VRay.




Added 6 additional Brushes to the original post.



Thank you, very generous of you! :cool:

awesome thread!

crisp strong inserts


I noticed a couple of them have offsets and don’t work accurately with symmetry.
Like an idiot, I killed the original models. Is there anyway to access the model in the brush?
Also for future reference, is there a way to return objects to absolute world center?

Awesome contributions man!

As for getting the model out of the brush, I just tried a little experiment using the default insert hand that worked.

I put a poly sphere on the canvas (any model should work) and then I dragged out the insert hand onto the sphere. Then I did a group split in the subtool pallette. And of course from there you can do whatever you need to do with the separate object.

Hope thats what you were looking for.

As for the absolute world center issue I dont know how to do that in ZB, but I’m sure there must be a way.

try looking into the preview section in the tool menu… http://www.pixologic.com/docs/index.php/Tool:Preview_Subpalette

these look pretty sharp! thanks for sharing! :]

in addition to the preview window you might try to click on tool->deformation->unify to reset translation and scale.

Thanks for the tips. I fixed 5 of them from the original link/pack2 and re-uploaded.
I’ve added a 3rd pack with some generic shapes and some helpful cylinder cutouts.

Left: Using random brushes from all 3 packs.
Right: Using only the 3rd pack.


Enjoy. And look out for more C4D/Zbrush related resources @ http://www.thec4dvault.com/

Not only you did the great “Introducing Vray”! Now you come up with this!!!
Thank you very, very much for your effort. :+1:

Best regards, djart

Many thanks for these

Already finding a great use for them;

These are awesome insert brushes Thankyou for putting them up here

Just having a little fun with the brushes.
One hour to create. A couple of separate base models made in C4D.

Very,very cool … looks like a Meats Meyer Mech. :lol: I love it! Can’t wait to play with the brushes! And thanks! Cheers, David :smiley:

Thankyou for the awesome brushes… how do you get them to negatively insert ? …as in your demo space ship

You need a Dynamesh with a hi-poly count, preferably 700k or higher.
Hold Alt to insert a Cut (It’ll show as a positive, but will cut) Then Drag Ctrl to remesh.
Sometimes they don’t cut, this is due to the hi-res nature of the brushes themselves and you’ll need more polys.