TheCelt - Sketchbook

Hi Everyone,

Having been inspired by all the great work here, it’s about time I started posting some of my own. I’m relativity new to zbrush, but never really dug in and started using it until December 2012 in my spare time. The past few months I’ve been really practising hard and loving every second of it.

So here’s my first post: “Steptoe”. Just under two hours in, starting from a Dynamesh sphere. Trying to work as asymmetrical as possible (once the main forms were blocked in). Both scary and fulfilling at the same time I gotta say! I’ll finish this guy soon with a full texture/render.



“Jonas” from the TV series, The Paradise. Blocked in and refined the major forms of the head. First pass on the clothes and testing fibermesh on the eyebrows (still have to add his hair). Started from a dynamesh sphere.


Work in progress on a female head. Overall main forms (no fine details in the sculpt yet). Sculpted from a Dynamesh sphere.


Wow, you are improving quickly! Good luck, you are doing great :+1:

Thanks Santis! I’m trying to squeeze in as much practice as possible (and age groups…lol). All a big bowl of WIP! haha

very nice start of a sketchbook

Thanks very much Intervain! Your work has been inspiring to say the least! :slight_smile:

sweet bro! keep it coming!

Drummer: Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: