The Yaknear - original creature concept

The Yaknear’s names partially originates from the sounds it makes, which closely resembles the sounds of a Yak In distress. To hear this horrific sound would only mean one is nearby.

The Yaknear’s preferred habitat is one of damp and darkness. Whether it’s a deep cave or a dense swamp where the sun struggles to break through the vegetation, the Yaknear is well adapted not only to survive but to strive.

With two sets of eyes seeing in the dark is a non-existent problem for a Yaknear. Its skin with its reflective metallic sheen can helps draw in and confuse its prey. Equipped with long powerful arms, escaping a Yaknear’s grip will surely be impossible.

The Yaknear is a highly intelligent ambush hunter. With its preferred diet of rotted flesh the Yaknear can sit patiently for days waiting for its next victim to come investigate its last kill. So next time you come across a rotting carcass in the woods be aware it could be Yaknear.yaknear684.jpgyaknear1080.jpgallviews.jpg
Created in ZBrush
Rendered in Keyshot
Post work Photoshop