the wrestler (WiP museum_scene)

Just popping in to say GREAT JOB on that kid…:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
I really like where your going with these sculptures…Your own personal museum…NICCCCCE use of this new digital technology.:+1: :slight_smile:

Another one. Same workflow. This is a 27k model with displacement and normal maps. Based on an ancient greek statue ~550 BC.


Rad. Looks like its straight out of the museum.

Great modelling and renders. The finished museum scene should go top row.



Thanks so much, you know what? I think that is a great opportunity for me to study some real sculpture. If you’re interesting, I could provide some good reference photos (front and side views), feel free to ask, always my pleasure. :slight_smile:

I especially like all the nice detailing on the base of the lion. :+1:

A scene from a museum? A blender internal render.


These look fantastic, man! The surface quality and textures are spot on.

This all starts to come together real nice! Beautiful (delicate studies) sculpts, textures and render :+1: .

Thanks dustinbrown, Etcher. These are decimated models actually. Displacement and normal maps of course.

You are a great artist michalis !!! the scene is fantastic !!! :eek:

Thanks hipi. OK I’m an artist using traditional mediums, lot of shows in galleries etc. But not a ‘great’ one of course. As for this 3d medium here, I’m just a newbie. :smiley: Really thanks for the support.

and here something new I’m working on. Still lot of work to be done. Now its at 300k and yet lot of details due to fine topology. A 17k base model.


A first render test. A ~35k model+displacement maps.

Congratulations … Great Work !!!

Always enjoy your work Michalis :+1:

Have u considered using the classic style on a more contemporary subject?
I think you’ve got this nailed down - it’d be cool to see u branch out in a totally different direction - just for a little while at least. Hell, it might even be fun!

Looking forward to your next post.

Thanks so much
@Moises Gomes
Yes Klephed, you’re right. I really need to focus somewhere else.

Just placed it in the ‘museum scene’

The final composite just made since to me now. It look very powerful.

Great job <img src=“http://www.zbrushcentral.com/pixo/atn.gif”>

Another one, this is an archaic ‘kouros’ head (~470BC). This almost fractal and parabolic geometry of these sculpts looks almost against Euclid IMO.