The Wizard of Oz

it’s been awhile since i’ve posted, but i am working on a new demo reel and i’m hoping that by posting here and hopefully getting some feedback, it will help keep me motivated to finish and produce a better reel with the help of all the talented folks on these boards.
anyway, the first character i’m tackling is McFarlane’s Wizard of Oz (reference). i’ve been working on it for a couple of months very sporadically, but here’s what i have so far. got a base sculpt done with dynamesh, not i’m separating out some pieces and retopologizing a bit.
again, feedback is very welcome. thank you for looking.




a little update. started working on the mask. and roughing in some details on the hands, jacket and horns.





OK, so after the halloween contest, i was able to get back to working on this guy. almost done sculpting and starting to fill in some color.
C&C are very welcome. Thanks for looking.


also, does anyone happen to know how to change the title of a thread?

Model looks great… keep posting more updates

haha, man, so 3 years later i finally have an update on this guy. still need to build his cane and pose him out and such. but he’s finally coming together.