The Weathermen/ Poster

Beyond the year 3000, earth is being devastated by radioactive tides and
gamma ray storms. Life on earth’s crust is almost impossible. Humankind
is now living in big cities deep under the ground and their energy
dependence is very high.

Those who collect the energy needed by the big diged settlements are
called ‘the weathermen’, pariah who survive on the surface detontating
nuclear reactions to gather their valuable energy for the undercities.

This is the first one of a serie of three. Is a collaboration by Fran
Camós Abril and David Munoz Velazquez. Comments and critiques are
welcome. We hope you like it.

Kind Regards.



Beautiful work - Congratulations.


What a story! Epic!
And a fabulous and atmospheric implementation!
I really like it!


the art is amazing love the atmosphere… sounds really good

I love that you didn’t just go the direction of most dystopian world characters by covering them in guns and whatnot. They are much more engaging without them.


Fantastic! more please…:slight_smile:


beautiful work

Looks really cool !

georgeous Art :+1:
love this post apocalyptic atmosphere

This is fantastic, one of the best posts in many months by anyone.


And by the way, if you created The Weathermen and that story, you really have something there. A dystopian novel of great interest.

Write it!


Phenomenal! :+1:

amazing work, really stunning… Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:

Very Great Work <3

Hi! Thanks a lot for your comments!
Here are the models. First character is by Fran Camos, and the second is mine. Since this was a collaboration each one of us designed, model and textured it’s own character.
We hope you like them.

Kind Regards


Second model


Incredible! Just incredible!



I vote for the top row too! :wink: :+1:

wow! beautiful work keep it up!