The Walking Dead -Merle Dixon for Next Gen Games

Hi guys, after a while, I recycled a Merle´s head I had, and decided to continue it for “next gen games”, so i finally finished the sculpting.
C&C are welcome!

Hope you like it,



Awesome work!!!

Beautiful work seb!

great job! have you textured him or just hipoly? awesome!

Thanks guys!!, i`ll retopologize and texturice too, have a long way to the end.

I pmed you…can you reply?


Hi guys, finally i ended the sculpting, i fixed the boots and the shape of the arms.

Hope you like it.


Merle Dixon for Next Gen Games_Sculpting_000x_02Zbrushh.jpg

Merle Dixon for Next Gen Games_Sculpting_001h_03.jpg




Merle Dixon for Next Gen Games_Sculpting_000x_02.jpg

Amazing work! Really enjoy the details you put in to this model.

Clothes are so real wow…

Excellent likeness.

Thank you very much SolidSnakexxx!

Thanks Interu2x! =)

Thanks Derek Frenzo!

Outstanding work!!! I love the walking dead. I can’t wait for season 4 in Oct.

Thanks D3RKA!, hahaa me too!, actually i`m sculpting Glenn. Cheers!

Show me the hair workflow. more interested in that

How long have you been using zbrush? Did you go to school to learn the program, which school did you go to?? I’m new to the program and I teach my self in my free time by watching YouTube tutorial. I’ve only been using the program for about 3 mths now. Your work is truly amazing and I hope to be on your level one day…

Was done with the Object paint tool of max 2012.

Hi D3RKA, I’m using ZBrush about three years ago i think, I teach my self too, it´s very sacrificed but is possible.
I think that my career (graphic design) could help me, at least in the concept and theoretical part.
Good luck and and to work! =)