The Walking Dead - Characters`s Portraits

Hi guys, i’m practicing portraits for better understand the facial physiognomy. It occurred me to do portraits of the members of “The Walking Dead”, I’ll go updating and correcting at this time.
Criticism and comments are appreciated.
I started with Merle,




Looking good. I think it will look quite good already if you snap a texture on him wih spotlight. I am curious about what he looks like at the quarter view tho…

The wrinkles beside the nose can be a little bit stronger, so does the plane change around that line… To make it easier to understand, I think you could pull out the circular area around the mouth a little bit more so the plane change is stronger… But then it’s hard to tell without seeing the 3/4 view.

love your works. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Is perfectly recognizable.I like the eyes area.
Your christ model is great too.
Good work

Hi Piggy, Thanks!! the feedback was really useful, i worked in the area that you mentioned. I put out a bit the area of the mouth, and retouched the head, the jaw, and the area of the eyebrows. Was difficult and frustrating for me and it still has a long way, I thought it would be easier.
This is an updated of the head, i upload several views. P.D i really like your works too, has a very nice and studied anatomy. greetings!





Thank you very much Davitxu!!, I’m glad you liked it, regards!

Great idea for a thread. Instantly recognisable as Merle too.

good work!

Thanks Gordon! many zombies in my head, hehe.

Thanks eof! =)

Looks really good sebastianez, instantly recognizable!

Since I am a fan of this guy and the walking dead series I am going to be a little picky here.

The only problem I see so far is with the muscles underneath the eyes. If you want to make him look like him then maybe this will help:

right now the way you sculpted the upper part you made him look much older like his face wizened, and looks a bit strange since the rest of the face doesn’t look that old

Also maybe is because of the lights, but it looks like you sculpted all the checks lines but you forgot to bring up the volumes, they look a bit to flat like no muscles underneath the skin.

Hi Bushidou, thank you very much for your comment, was very useful!.
I was working in the mouth area, the volumes of the face, the wrinkles and other parts of the head. I hope there evolved.
I stopped sculpting for now, I have to study for exams…=/, when done continuously with the treahd.


very nice likeness, I especially like the mouth area it feels natural. The ears could use some work though.

Do you plan on taking this one further?

Hi gyarados, Thanks!, for the moment I stop here, I go on vacation to travel. But i’ll fix the ears, and i’ll continue with other head’s characters of the walking dead, although I tempted to do a full merle for next gen games mmmh. Greetings!