The Vine Sketchbook - WIPS | DOODLES | FUN

Hello Zbrush community!

I’m a doctor and have always considered this a foreign land. Back in med school, I used to peep at zbrushcentral during lectures, and there was a certain guy - Hossein Diba who always blew me away with his exceptional anatomy and likenesses. I really wanted to have a similar skill set. So i read a lot from the forums and what everyone kept saying was learn anatomy, learn anatomy!! I had medical anatomy, but it wasn’t sufficient so i learnt artistic anatomy too.

Couldn’t be any more true!!!

I work with Houdini and zBrush - thinking procedurally in almost every step. Together i think they are the best piece of software.

Well, this is my character based heavily on Michaela Coel. i love the story surrounding her personality so i run wild with it. Loving the process along the way.

I’ll be updating this thread to keep everything in one place.

I hope you like her.

Michaela’s Anatomy done. Story to follow soon. Lovely weekend!

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I will be keeping all my progress in this thread.