The Tokoloshe

Hey Community, I wanted to share my submission for the #sculptityourself challenge by Rafael Grassetti & XPPEN USA! Modeled in Zbrush, Textured in Substance Painter, and rendered with Arnold in C4D. Will do a breakdown soon.

“The Tokoloshe” originates from the Zulu mythology and inhabits south Africa. A terrifying creature Described being a small humanoid Gremlin like or ape-like creature with long bony fingers used to scratch and choke their victims. A tokoloshe is created from a corpse by a witch doctor to be Summoned on unsuspecting victims. Their eyes have been gouged out and Their skull has a big hole made by a redhot metal rod. Making them easy to control. They are known to attack you while you sleep and steal your soul.


So good and so disturbing all at the same time, mission accomplished :rofl: :clap:

ahaha, thanks. I’m happy to read you saying that. He is a creepy one. :grin: