The Swing - The Old Man

Hi, this is the Old Man from the Swing, an art project for a re-vision of the 1767 painting by Jean-Honore Fragonard. I created the character in 2016, and recently I had time to make the render images. I rendered the images in Maya with Arnold and ACES workflow. I sculpted the head in ZBrush, I used the face of Jonathan Pryce as reference. To make the wig I used Maya XGen. I simulated the base of the costume in Marvelous Designer, then I detailed it in ZBrush. I used Photoshop and Substance Painter for the texturing.

Hi-res images:

I created a blog about my workflow:

Maya and ZBrush screenshots from the character:


Really nice render, I remember this one in a series of characters you had done in the past. well done @illusionist :slight_smile:

When you first started talking about the painting, I did a double take because I had recognized Pryce instantly. Clever taking an excellent likeness sculpt and incorporating it into a classical setting. Really good work!