The Stellar Kocmodat Star Seeker (Miniature 1/48scale-32mm)


I finished putting together my website last week and with it I did a new personal project - The Stellar Kocmodat Star Seeker

I have been sculpting miniatures by hand in clay for many years, but Zbrush with 3d printing is just amazing. I would like to explore more of this kind of environment sculptures, with vegetation etc. and 3d printing definitely is the way for me.

And on the plus side, with printers being so accessible to a lot of people, finally anybody who likes this work can get a exact reproduction of what I have at home.

How cool is that.

Anyway, I guess many are already aware of this, so here the miniature and also a link to my new shiny website, have a look if you are into miniatures - I did a lot of them for Games Workshop Warhammer or CMON boardgames like Zombicide or even Assassin’s Creed.

I hope you like it and Comments&Critics on the Star Seeker and the Website are very welcome! :slight_smile:




nice diolama :slight_smile:

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This is outstanding. Thank you for posting.

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