The Spy Who Loved Me - Lego Set Concept Model

I worked on this set, literally, for years. (Not continuously! You know, when I had spare time). It’s not official, it’ll never come out, but it’s the perfect fusion of my childhood loves of James Bond and Lego. The frustration is that I designed the set for submission to the Lego Ideas program but didn’t submit it before they changed the rules of entry to prohibit concepts that use licenses they already hold. That’s understandable, as it would obviously be problematic if an Ideas submission replicated an idea Lego already had in development, but it’s no less painful that I don’t get to have the concept even considered. Lego have held the Bond license for five years now and made two sets in that time, I’m really hoping that the recent launch of the Speed Champions DB5 means there’s at least a chance we will get a minifigure scale Lotus Esprit at some point, but I’m not holding my breath.

I originally designed the set in the now defunct Lego Digital Designer but when it came to producing high quality renders, I imported the Digital Designer native files into LeoCAD and then saved the models out as OBJs. Digital Designer has some kind of magic smoothing group tech as it was clear, at the OBJ stage that I was going to have to recreate every single brick and element at a higher resolution, SO I DID! I resculpted the Lego elements in ZBrush before designing all the minifigure characters in Illustrator and rendering in Keyshot. Further down the page there’s a comparison between my rebuild of the helicopter cockpit and the Digital Designer cockpit to illustrate the level of faceting I had to overcome. Next time someone tells you ZBrush is no good for hard surface models, just show them this project.

The Spy Who Loved Me Lego Set

(Vehicles without decals to show modelling)

All models have working features

Lotus Esprit S1 with graphics

Lotus Esprit Cabin Interior

Bond in his Lotus

‘Wet Nellie’ underwater

The only submarine with a license plate

Stromberg’s Jet Ranger

Stromberg’s Pilot Naomi winks at Bond

Stromberg’s Jet Ranger in flight

Stromberg’s henchman on a motorcycle

Bond’s adversary

James Bond Agent 007 and Major Anya Amasova Agent XXX

Naomi, Stromberg’s Pilot

Stromberg’s Henchman

The Lego Digital Designer CAD was just too facetted to work with, I had to resculpt the whole thing

Who doesn’t love radial symmetry?

Minifigures, the perfect combination of organic and hard surface models


This is neat! I don’t think we’ve ever seen something like this on ZBC. You’ve done a great job.


Great work : )

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Why thank you sir, you’ve made my day!

Thank you!

Inspiring story context, while Lego did not allow for your project it still looks super professional :rocket::rocket::rocket: Well done!

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Thank you Jaime, this was a passion project but it was stuck away on my hard drive for so long, I can’t tell you how much it means to have it appreciated!

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You built the James Bond models out of Legos that you built in ZBrush! So awesome :+1:

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Thank you Spyndel! So, cards on the table, this whole project happened because I just really wanted to see the idea ‘made real’, and if the elements existed to make it real then I’d probably just have bought the bits and done the build. However, at the time I came up with the idea, the helicopter cockpit had only ever been produced in orange or yellow so I spent hundreds of hours recreating the whole thing because that one piece couldn’t be purchased.

Lovely work :+1:

Boozy Floozie, thank you so much for taking the time to make a comment, that means a lot to me as I have always absolutely adored your work.

Amazing work.

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I wish I could send you the set, but alas it’s just a ‘dream’. I WANT IT TOO!

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Through the art of 3D printing and a little “intellectual property” violation…LOL KIDDING!!

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