The space warrior.

Hello, everyone :slight_smile:
Are you having a good ZBrush time?

My name is Yutaka Kasama.
This is my first time post.
It about my recently personal project, The space warrior.
So, nice to meet you guys!!

I used a mentalray in maya for rendering.
Hope you like it!!!

Hay,all :slight_smile:

This is concept images about it.




Can’t see images in first post;)

But very nice concepts:)

looks really good ! looking forward for final version

wicked, I’ll be looking forward to this

impressive…can’t wait to see the update:D:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Really awesome concept and great sculpt work! :+1:

Thanks guys!!!
I’m happy to receive comments :smiley:
So, this is his other shots which opened body mouth.


He’s almost always closing the body mouth…
but sometimes open it!!!

good night:+1:

hey ! nice concept and nice sculpt.
I like the render also, congrats !

stunning work mate - really bad ass concept and digging the sculpt aswell!
Can’t wait to see this one finished :slight_smile:
All the best mate and happy sculpting,

  • kenny:)

Thanks guys!!! I’m so excited:+1:

Buy the way, here is render settings shot.


Concerning the set up of lighting and camera, I reference to a tutorial “Make it look real (With mental ray)” by ISK-86.
Thank you so much for your feed back which is very exiting tutorial Mr.ISK-86:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:


What’s wrong? What did I do?
Why can’t see my first posted shots???

I’m sorry Mr.arsan!
Now I finally understand to your comments.
So, let’s try again!!!


I’m really hope you see it!!!

Really awesome render, I thought I was looking at photo’s of a 3d print for awhile!

Really nice sculpt too, it seems the tail would be quite heavy though? Really dig the thorns / horns though, very menacing design.

Thanks Senka !!!
I’m glad you like it ! and I agree with you ! I might have to improve to it.
It’s very big tail but it’s look like heavy and strong isn’t it.

By the way, here is close up shot to chest mouse in ZB.


Hope you like it !

Hi all :+1:
Here is just render which close up to his faces.

Good night :wink:

Hi all.
I changed the silhouettes. The limbs and tail are smaller and chest is wider than before.
I improved totally silhouettes looks like more powerful than before and concept.
Hope you like it !!


Long time know see guys ! This is little up date.


Good evening everyone!!
This is his primary weapon, the two ways gun.

One way is Dark energy gun, the other way is bionic gun.

And here is the bionic bullets, the bullet worm. And this shot used BPR .

This is organism bullet like worm.

I really hope you like it !!!

You have some very cool work:)