The Savage Dragon

The Savage Dragon is a comic book character from the American publisher Image Comics. I remember winning the first edition in 1993. I think few will remember, well this piece is just a nostalgic tribute.

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So good @Gabriel_Soares :rofl: what a great combo of real and fantasy in this character!


Awesome. Thank you for sharing.

Lovely work as always!:smiley:

Anyone who read comics in the 90’s couldn’t forget the Savage Dragon. Erik Larsen is still working away on the title to this day although it has been changing in real time so the lead character is now is Dragons son - Malcolm.

That is a more than a fitting tribute. BAD A$$!

Although I know Erik gets annoyed that people always draw the fin wrong ( he says it comes out straight from his forehead- so parallel with the ground not at an angle)

Nice job on this! Your Savage Dragon far exceeds Larsen’s. I might even be persuaded to read Savage Dragon if you took over the comic from Larsen.