The Reanimation Master


I know the title almost sounds like the latest feature in a Zbrush update but this is actually the first character in a series of necromancers that I’m working on. Everything here is sculpted in Zbrush. The “render” you could say is a collection of BPR layers that I have composited in photoshop with a bit of paintover where needed. I’m really making use of mat cap passes to achieve certain effects. The background and even the transparent spectres were sculpted in zbrush.

The purpose of the image is to act as splash art for the 3d printed figure which is available at my patron below,


I’ve used a similar approach to create some RPG item cards such as this…


oh this is some really nice sculpts! :slight_smile: would love to paint them

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Thanks, do you paint miniatures? I would love to have a look.