The Rage


This is my personal creation project.
The story is about the madness of a gorilla who is tamed in a circus.
The gorilla is trained to perform boxing show with other animals.
He has to fight with tigers , kangaroos, sometimes bears maybe.
Also, not just the gorilla , all other animals in the circus suffer tons of torture day by day.
Just to amuse people.
Finally , one day, an unstoppable fury drives the gorilla strike out the punch of destiny.
The punch got to be heavy, got to be furious enough.
The ringmaster got to be knocked down.
Or it would be the last rage of the gorilla ever……

I use Zbrush for most of the modeling process, uv seams and mapping, and some basic texture polypainting.

Zbrush really provides users lots of powerful tools .
Zremesher , UVmaster , Decimation Master , Dynamesh , Zmodeler , Panel loop , Nanomesh ,
these tools all play very important roles in modern modeling process.

It really releases the freedom of shaping 3D-geometry.

QQ: 2407795187

If animals could fight back to the cruelty, will people understand the pain and the sorrow of other beings?
I dedicate this work to anyone who is fighting against animal show and animal abuse in the world.
Please say NO to Animal Show and Animal Abuse.




high poly model













Wow, I haven’t seen anything so stunning in a while now and I think I’ve never seen anything alike. Amazing job - you can feel the movement and power. Top row!


Thank you.

Absolutely stunning work Erik, well done.

This is insane! Top row.


just splendid!

A truly outstanding piece of work! Good concept, too. Congrats on making the top row! Extremely well-deserved!

This is Amazing!!!

wowwwwww, impressive work man. I love it.

Thank you to ZBrush Forum for the TopRow ~
And thank you to people who like this work ~
There are still lots of insufficiencies …
Hope things could get better in the future…

this is INSANE!! Well Deserved!!

This is great! Truly awesome work. Composition like this is hard to achieve in a 3d still rendering. I also really like the chaotic
look in the air above the gorilla. Gives the sense of the confusion when you get punched that hard.

Top:+1:, could u say something about the render process ? (:

I mainly use Arnold in maya to do the render process
Since there are lots of objects in the scene, I decimated all objects to the lowest level to try the position of objects and test the composition of the final image.
The size of render image doesn’t need to be too large during this stage.
And the render quality doesn’t need to be too high either.

After all object positions are set , I could go into the lighting process.
In order to get better efficiency ,all objects still remain the roughest level when testing lighting.
I set one key image of lighting and two rimlight images to do the composing in photoshop.

Then I could start to test the render of every single object.
One object at a time . Test the displacement map first, then get into diffuse,spec, and other nodes.

These are the major parts of my mainly render process, hope these infos would be useful .
Feel free if you have further question.




Did you use polypaint on zbrush for metal texture? or another software?


I did some basic polypainting in zbrush for organic object,like skin, teeth, mouth, eyes etc…
And for metal and other stuff, I use multiple tools, substance painter, mari, and photoshop.