The Queen's Gambit II

My fanart of Beth Harmon version II. I wasn’t necessarily planning on creating another model of this character, but I just find her so appealing it was too hard to resist!

FinalRender_01 FinalRender_01_Logos

IG: 3daneder

Sculped entirely in Zbrush, rendered with Arnold for Maya.


I like this version @Daneder Very nice :+1: Thanks for sharing.

Very tastefully done, great job! :chess_pawn:

I love it! As you say, very appealing character. :+1:

Very nice stylized take on this! Guess I should finally watch this show everyone’s talking about…

Thanks for the kind words guys! It really is a great show.

Really love this and I love the show as well amazing work!

im a fan of the show! awesome job on stylization