The Princess

good model Patokali:+1:


Nice anatomy, waiting to see more cool stuff

Thank you very much! :smiley:

Excellent Modeling, great Job.

Really like this piece. Great pose as well! :+1:

Muy bien felicitaciones!!!

This is absolutely beautiful. Wonderful job.

Pretty good job.

yeah great gesture
looking forward for proper renders! :slight_smile:

This is great! Very Conan.

I echo what lucas says, very Conan/Frazetta. Sweet.:+1:

LOVE this new one man! :slight_smile:

Finally a female heroe without heels. great job. realistic and believable in expression, though the sword is kinda… crappy. Make the edges sharp… not like you did there. Estrude the inner faces of the sword not intrude them. The arm is a bit too flat when you look at it from frontperspective.

Great model, nice pose, congrats.

Overall pretty solid. Sword/hair need a lot of work and I think you need to put her arms in a different position. I’m really not sold on the pose unless your final has her actually reaching for something.

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Thanks guys for all your comments, i keep in mind some sugestions.:smiley:



Keyshot 3/64 Render