The Pain.

Ok it seems like everybody got their upgrades :rolleyes: , this is bad, even my friend from the same town got it and me ? Still nothing. Aargh, is someone still waiting too ?


Waiting with baited breath…




Its good to know I am not alone.


it is worth the wait and the pain! :stuck_out_tongue: hold fast!


Lads I have big smile on my face I am downloading my upgrade yuhoo. But I made stupid mistake. I didnt check the email I was using like months ago, I dont know why the link was sent to that email, probably I give that email when I was registering ZB2. Anyway check your old emails if it helps guys. And Big thanks to you guys from Pixologic for creating this beauty.


PS: Now when I got it I am waiting for the backup cd :smiley: , where is the mailman??.

glad too hear it. Word of warning though, do NOT select “skip welcome screen” in the pref’s menu. If you do z will crash crash crash after you restart.



Still waiting here too.

Still waiting too . . .

when!?! I need it!

do you know if theyre still sending out emails? Its 6pm over here on the west coast, I wonder if they will keep sending them out.

count me in :frowning:

nothing here yet, either :frowning:

gah, can’t wait to get my hands on this thing!

Hey everyone, don’t forget to check your junk folders! Hotmail flagged my notice as junk, likely due to the number of similar mails going out at the same time…

nothing yet here either. a bit worried because my old email sometimes autoeats mail I want to get, with no way to check for it. Never shows up in the spam filter… used to happen to me with digital river all the time, so I had to use a different address.

crosses fingers this posts, having problems with posting

What furstrates me is that I would have waited to buy Z3 directly if I had known that it was going to be the same price as Z2. Now I’m just sitting chewing a hole through the collar of my shirt.


o anyone know if the emails are still going out?

Good question?! :frowning:

wonder if the system is automated, and will go on 24hours or if its based on regular working hour type stuff, wouldnt suprised me if it was the later, once you line your pockets with mula and the hype machines all set up, why continue the feverish effort. :qu:

That would good to know.

I’m getting a little tired of waiting around with no word about when.

The only thing that I’ve heard is support@pixologic.com told me when I registered that if I didn’t get an email by Monday to email them back.

Monday!!! No freaking way!!!

heck no, thats too far away, and even worse its a big :qu:, and dont know if its better to save creative juices or make stuff in z2, knowing the much more capable z3 exists.