The outcome of clip curve doesn't show symmetry?

Dear all,

Hi, I am a beginner of Zbrush, I tried to use the clip curve function to cut the cube, but both sizes are not symmetry? What should I do to fix it? I have already try to reinstall the whole software and restart it but it shows the same outcome. Thanks.
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Hi @Ho_Albert Welcome to ZBrush Central.

Your not showing the Symmetry controls in your screenshots, but you probably don’t have Mirror Symmetry enabled.

2020-10-17 07_51_50-ZBrush

Also, the latest version of ZBrush is 2021.1.2 and you are still using ZBrush 2020. You are missing out on bug fixes and the latest enhancements. You should upgrade to the latest version as older versions are not supported. Upgrades are free to registered users.

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Hi @Ho_Albert

You may also be referring to the odd angle that the clip brush cuts through the mesh. If this is the case, this is the result of Perspective mode being active.

Disable Perspective mode there on the right edge of your canvas to have all the points of the mesh line up perfectly behind one another when the view is rotated by holding down Shift. Then the view will snap to an axis, and you can slice through the mesh evenly from side to side.


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