the other half of my time

hey, this is my first time posting in this forum. been a zbrush user for 2 years plus, finally found the courage to post some of my personal work here~

D Breaker prototype

a late night retro anime styled science project about speed, or at least that was the idea.
done in zbrush, xsi and photoshop.


another work that is also inspired by retro future elements

one for the alien carbs~

had an idea for a urban humanoid mech-ish character, also still exploring the retro/future motif.

we are all trapped in the machine” i think that was the thought when i worked on this~

*indirectly inspired by a family member of mine

WAL comp B6 FT A1 3k.jpg

WAL comp B1 SHADER VER.jpg

guide B.jpg

B toon comp test extra post B maker add B1 RESIZE.jpg

WAL comp B6 FT A1 THUMB A.jpg

the idea was, if dad’s old japanese koi carp had mutated and had offsprings in the far future,
what would they look like~

ALT AW A1.jpg

ALT AW B1.jpg

ww comp C3 SHADER VER.jpg

ww comp FT A1 resize N thumb.jpg

if anyone remembers that old ps one game called ‘jet moto’ from the 90s.
part of it came from there~

c rider comp FT A1 w logo.jpg

c rider comp C3 SHADER VER.jpg

BPR_Render color B.jpg

full test gr 0.jpg

mt A.jpg

mt B.jpg

castrol honda RA97 C

I had this fascination with the of idea of an alternative future with F1
being too stringent and the auto-makers decided to look for
alternative series to race more non conventional designs, JUUS,
japan urban ultra series was the result. Then again the idea was too big for just a few images.
Hope to revisit the idea in full, and explore more sometime in the future~

MOL A4.jpg