The Orc

Hello Guys,
This is my first post on Zbrush Central but i am following ZBC since a long time.
My name is sumit malhotra, I am a Senior Character Artist ,i already did lots of Characters for some AAA tittled Games.
But this time i would like to share a character that i did for my personal porfolio.
This Character is inspired by Fantasy Orc Species ,The concept was done by rough sketches is PS and also with ZB dynamesh .
After creating basics shapes and volume i added details on it , but there was a time when i changed the basic shapes and volumes while working on details , In that case i just want to thanks to pixologic for creating zbrush so flexible :stuck_out_tongue: ,
After that this is the first time i rendered my model in zbrush instead of maya , and used zbrush BPR Filters instead of photoshop and i find that its a very simple, fast and attractive way to render your 3d artwork in ZB :slight_smile: ,
Hope you guys like it.:rolleyes:








Amazing work! I really very liked of the details! Congrats!

awesome work sumit ,…

Super Amazing work Sumit ! The details are great. .

Thank you stefanuto ,ajay pandey and khushboo for ur beautiful comments

Super work bravo

Thank you thierryas

Great work Sumit,this beast is going stunning…can`t wait to see more updates…:slight_smile:

This one came out so good. I really liked the bear on his shoulder. Awesome work,…
details on armor looks kool.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: @ Tushar1993 and @ madhead(Saif)

Some ,more Screenshots

Really well done! MOOOOOOORE!!! :wink:

beautiful work! i like so much is expression!

Fan art - Wonder Woman

Hello friends… I would like to share my recent work that i did for my personal portfolio, hope you like it :smiley:

some more renders


zbrush screenshots

zbrush screenshot