The old man and the window

Hi. This is my latest work and my first work with zbrush program.
I hope you enjoy it. I have finished the work, but I have generated two compositions.
The first version is a color composite and the second, have sepia tones like a old Photography. Comments are welcome.

Hi res color version:

Hi res sepia version:

Beautifull! Looks a bit like Patrick Steward :lol:. Nice expression on his face and beautifull lighting. What did you render it with?

WOW !!
He looks like Patrick Stewart!
good work !!

There must be quite some Star-Trek fans here…

When I first saw the tumbnail I was thinking the same…:smiley:

It’s his eyes combined with the bald head.

Anyway, great piece :+1:

and the twinkling in his expression like he is about to make a witty Shakespeare quote :slight_smile:

is that captain picard ??

…on the top of the head :rolleyes:
have happy Zbrushing! :cool:

Than you for your comments. But he is not one xmen or startrek guy! :wink:

wow! very good,ask you a question: how long did you use ZB?

This is my first work with zbrush. I worked with it about 1.5 mouths. But I haven´t got free time to work in my projects. It was made in my free time.

Great first post :+1:

very good ) clasic) what software you use for composin and rendering?

Rendered with vray and photoshop to deepfield and some filter.

The eyes look to glossy.

I like the eyes… good reflection but maybe a little to glossy? Deends on what you were going for. I thought maybe that was the centric part of the character. I like the lighting alot as well

The eyes look good, although, overall the model looks like a statue/wax figure. The light is a bit to bright on the right side. I dunno. I seem to find this a lot on vray renders, parts of a pic getting overburned…

I took feureau’s thoughts and chewed them over, then took a snapshot of my BF (who is bald) sitting my our window in the same pose an angle with the most light to sort of test it out. A little less bright than in this one, but still prety convinced on the brightness. I still like the eyes the most, glossy or not, they convey feeling… thanks feureau, I really did my homework because you prompted me, and thats awesome! Good submission.