the Official Almost Monday NC 3/02-3/09


Well that last challenge went over like a lead balloon.:smiley:

So for this one…something simple.

Everyone has a favorite pair of shoes. Be they an old pair of work boots ya just can’t seem to throw out, or those old leather Converse hightops that conformed to your feet the minute you stepped into them, or those high heels that just drives your husband/boyfriend/significant other insane or some old moccasins that have holes in the bottom and ya swear your gonna get some new ones soon or gosh darn it…the slippers your kids gave ya for christmas 20 years ago and your wife tries to throw em out every year and ya sneak out to the trash and retrieve em. We all got em. Can’t live without em.

So this weeks challenge is to share those raggedy old (or new to die for) pieces of footwear with the rest of us.


#1. … read this about challenges.

#2. … You may use a base mesh from another program even though it’s preferred to be ZBrush all the way. If you do use a base mesh from another prog…please show the base and let us know which prog it is from.

#3. … You should if possible post a pic of the footwear you intend to model and texture up. I realize some folks don’t have digital cameras or scanners so a link to a picture of one will suffice. Although if you can a pic of those tired old things is preferred.

#4. … While not required, if ya can record a zscript of the wip. At the very least use Pixolator’s way cool TimeLapse Script so we can have fun watching how ya work…foibles and all.

#5. … These challenges are open to anybody and everybody. Newbies…use it as a great way to learn some new things…Vets…use it as a way to pass on what ya learned.

#6. … I think it would be fun but not required to share the models. So if ya can record a script…that would be easiest to save and upload. If ya can’t do that then share the base model for others and future newbies to learn from. Again it’s not required but in the spirit of ZBC please do. It’s only a pair of shoes. :wink:

#7. … Not required of course but…if ya can texture and color em up…go for it. Also if ya create some new alphas for the project…and are feeling generous…show em.

#8. … Just do it because you can, because it will be fun, because ya might learn something along the way!!

This mission, should you choose to accept it is for fun and bragging rights only, ZBC and Pixologic have nothing to do with it other than allowing us to have fun with their fantastic program, no prizes other than the pride and kudos you get from creating something cool.


in my compagmy, the call me shoe maker…!:lol:
I will try to do something, there’s a long time I didnt participate a challenge…
Hope to have enaugh time…
Good challenge, I use zbrush a lot for clothes, and there are too few clothes work on zb central, however zb is a superb tool for that…

If I have time to do something, I think I will use an external program, to make correct uv and shape to make a realtime remdering…

Hope to post soon!

Great Sebcesoir! I hope you have some time have some fun!

my boot.jpg

Hi Andreseloy,

Those look like some comfortable boots for hiking. I am trying to find a bit of time this weekend to do my old workboots. Which for some reason I can’t bring myself to throw out…can’t decide if its cuz they have so much character now and need to be zbrushed or cuz they were comfortable til I wore em out. :smiley:

Ok, heres mine, I dont had time to render it wel, I will work more on the shader.shoeseb.jpg

now Sebcesoir…don’t even try to be modest, we all know that that looks amazing! tell us more about how you created it.

Sebcesoir, this boots kicks all!!! :+1:
They deserve a gold color!

The modeling is good, but the rendering is not terrible, I meant…
i dont try to be modest, Im Mr Shoemaker!:lol: :wink:

I will try to make a better rendering, more smooth, thats what I meaned, and maybe a ground too…
i will post more infos soon.
Ive recorde the sculpting sessions, so I can make a video, but I have no place to store it, if somebody wants to host it for a short moment, for the community, I will give hit.

really good boots.
tell me where to buy that shoes Sebcesoir. u r da man:+1: :+1:

Excellent Mr. Shoemaker!!!

They look in this state very much like an old pair of harley boots I used to have…right down to the worn out leather over the steel toes!! Can’t wait to see it colored up.

thanks for sharing your shoe talent!

It seems that, for now, this challenge dont attract soi many people…

MAking shoes dont seem sexciting,m but its a very good exercise in zbrush practice. Shoes has mixed shaped, betweem
soft organic, to sharph geometric edges. If you can make a perfect shoe, you can make everything else.

My shoe is abit too smooth, Y should play more with the pinch tool. I will generate a normalmap, so you can see the work I use to do for my compagny.
I will try to se if I find enaugh courage to texture it but I have a bad feeling about it! lol

Another cool challenge could be pant, and top, so we could mix eveythiong to make full dressed characters!

My flu meds arent letting me sleep tonight for some strange reason…grrrrr…but it gave me a chance to put my piece in for the challenge…and a big OMG to you Seb…wow times ten…almighty shoemaker…errr I mean Mr.Shoemaker :slight_smile: Well I cose my rat infested lawn shoes…velcro straps…(for us lazy fatmen that cant take the time to tie them)…My shoes came out very doughy looking…but I havent made too many shoes or boots…so tht made for an interesting challenge…but now I have a shoe tool so my zombies dont have to wander about all nekkid and stuff…lol Andre I liked you foot gear as well…and I cant get the dang zlapse script to work for me…still grumbly over that…o well…guess I will just have to keep doign it the ole fashioned way…
take care all


Hey, Ron, Nikes or Adidas? This is a great idea for a challange. I 'm on another project or I would give it a try. Great modeling posted here, leaves me wondering how. Regards, 50.

Ron, I think you have sleepy feet in this comfortable soft shoes :smiley:

they are lost, but i spent best time of my life (uptonow) in them :slight_smile:


quick one (so dont believe my feet need orthopedic ones): both sole and straps were created via alpha>make 3d, a little deformations (gravity, size) on straps, tools connected via multimarker and finally a clone was mirrored to get the other one :smiley:

:+1: :+1: :+1: footwear everybody!

  • juandel




The best time of my life was without these blue things (I did not wear them) :smiley:

Hi guys,

Ron those look pretty comfortable, all puffy like that, like walking on a cloud! I could use a pair of those for work!

Juandel, did ya lose em in Hawaii? I found a pair just like that on Maui once.

Cool stuff guys! Thanks for participating!!

Ron, glad you are back online…i seem to have inherited your isp problem and am lucky to still be online long enuf to post this now. yikes!

:smiley: Bas! right: they were means of transportation between bestest parts of best time only. being able to take them off in 0.3 seconds is their main advantage.

  • juandel

edit: @aminuts: havent been to hawaii yet, but as they float - who knows :slight_smile: