the Official Almost Monday NC 2/23-3/02


Ok we will try this one more time.

I made it only for a week this time could be extended if we get more participants or interest if not then on to other things.

First rule is… read this about challenges.

For this challenge you need to create the ultimate fighting machine by combining elements of machine, animals and humans. In otherwords your ultimate fighting machine could be the head of a tiger, the torso of a man with mechanical arms and legs…etc etc. However you choose to combine them is up to you.

3D will be the theme this week although if you think you can come up with some awesome 2d concept drawing solely in zbrush…please share it with us.

Please post wireframes, use Pixolator’s timelapse script to show your progressions while modelling or zscripts so that others may learn from you. It is the spirit of this community and I feel it should continue here. Any tips you learn along the way you feel would be useful etc…please share. It’s not mandatory by all means but if you learned stuff from fellow zbrushers…give a little back!!:wink:

As always it’s preferred it be all zbrush, however with this particular challenge it might be necessary to include the use of another program so you May use a base mesh from another program…let us see the base and what prog it was created in.

Keep in mind these challenges are open to EVERYBODY!! Pros or beginners, weekend hobbyists come on and join in!!! Share your joy of creation!! Don’t think for one second it won’t be good enough! Even the pro’s among us will benefit from any constructive criticism and or praise they receive and so will you if you are a newbie…post away!! Gotta start somewhere!!

This mission, should you choose to accept it is for fun and bragging rights only, ZBC and Pixologic have nothing to do with it other than allowing us to have fun with their fantastic program, no prizes other than the pride and kudos you get from creating something cool.

In any event it’s required that you have fun doing it!! Or else I have Ron’s army of zombies to make sure ya do!!



Bizarre creatures

Good idea Aminuts

I’ve never participate in any challenge on ZB Forum, Well, there is always a first, so for this, I made a little creatur, that I probably will never have time to finish, i took about 1hrs 30 minutes to do this creatur!

Any Crits welcome
Hope you guy’s enjoy!



wow, that’s some extremely good zsphere work KnightSoul…like, extremely good. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Post post post

Have to agree…great zsphere work!! Hope you can steal a minute here and there and take this fella further. Looks liked he’d be fun to model.

heh, it would be a shame if you can’t find the time to finish that guy. The hard part is over, the rest should be all fun.

I’m still at the stage of learning ZB, I’m a Maya user! I made a Minotaur the other day, Using both ZB and Maya! What I did, I used ZB for the base mesh and pose, then brought it in Maya, combine the patches, Made live, and modeled Edge loop ( The maya way ) on top of it, It gave really good result!

I’m not really a modeler, but mostly a rigger! lol

I’ll see If I can Finish this model!

I’m still figuring out ZB’s way of painting, displacing and unwrapping UV’s!

So far, All I did Is learn how to Use ZSpheres!

Anyway, Thanks a lots again for all the good comments! it gives me Hope lol !


what happened with the insects? I mean I know is a speedy one but… :cry: oh man… can I still post my pic, if finished by today?

hi Azteca,

the insect challenge is another thread…Mahlikus has started the speed modelling stuff and I seem to be doing the MNC now. If I remember correctly his challenges are meant to be ongoing so take your time…hahaha for your speed challenge and post it when you’re ready in the Speed Modelling: Insects thread…then since I know it will be good, you’ll have to post more!! Then sometime inbetween the speed modelling come back and post something for this one!!:smiley:

Knightsoul…for a rigger ya did a fine job of learning zspheres!! Am sure you will do as well with the rest!!

I took exactly 24 minutes.

Maybe my model will be disqualified for this challenge because it is woman in question, ;). Because of that I post the same model as a separate thread on the main forum. Not to duplicate my post I will put only one picture here. Comments and critics are welcome.


:cool: Pajonate

hi Pajonate,

no disqualification for being a woman, it was meant more as human than just man and human can be woman. Thanks for posting something up.

Seems this challenge is not gonna have any takers so I shall post up the new one sometime tonight his morning whatever it is now. :rolleyes: